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Annual Test & Inspection of the Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Extinguishers in the Greater Toronto Area

A.C. Fire Alarm Safety conducts testing and inspection of fire alarm systems in accordance with the CAN/ULC S536 standards. We ensure that every component of the fire alarm system has been activated, investigated, and tested to ensure proper operation at the fire alarm panel. A.C. Fire Alarm Safety also produces reports and solutions that are accurate and cost effective, in order to enable our clients to maintain current system certification in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code requirements. Contact us for fire extinguisher tests and more in the Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding cities.

In addition to handling our clients’ annual inspection and deficiency repair needs, A.C. Fire Alarm Safety also has a qualified and experienced installation division supported by on-staff engineers. This division handles fire alarm panel replacements and installations, wiring upgrades, and third-party verification of work completed by other contractors. We offer complete turnkey solutions inclusive of any required engineering drawings and municipal permits.

Fire Extinguisher Service & Maintenance

A.C. Fire Alarm Safety can service, perform maintenance, install, and sell you many types of fire extinguishers. In fact, it’s one of our areas of expertise – we service fire extinguishers on a daily basis and install hundreds of new extinguishers each week.

In addition to offering the required annual inspection of portable extinguishers, A.C. Fire Alarm Safety also has a state-of-the-art ULC-certified extinguisher service facility, where we can complete 6-year maintenance and hydrostatic pressure testing of fire extinguisher cylinders in-house.

This complete inspection process will help ensure that your equipment is certified as required under your provincial fire code.


Is Your Fire Alarm Working?

We can help you test the systems to ensure that they are fit to perform at a time of crisis.
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