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Installation and Upgrade Services for Fire Suppression Systems and More in the Greater Toronto Area

A.C. Fire Alarm Safety offers a broad range of fire suppression solutions in the Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding cities. Our solutions are customized to address special hazards. Our staff is skilled and highly trained across a broad spectrum of special hazard suppression systems. FM200, ARGON, HALON, kitchen suppression, Pre-Action Deluge, and VESDA systems are all serviced and/or maintained by our team. Special hazard systems need to be inspected semi-annually under provincial fire codes. By choosing A.C. Fire Alarm Safety, we can ensure your fire suppression systems are tested regularly and conform to fire code requirements. 

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Exit and Emergency Light Service, Maintenance, & Installation

Our emergency lighting equipment is designed to provide illumination during power outages.

Exit signs will also illuminate the paths taken for emergency escape during an outage or fire emergency. Provincial fire codes and local fire marshals have established standards and expect you to keep your equipment in a functional state. A.C. Fire Alarm Safety can provide testing and troubleshooting for your units, replacement batteries, chargers and bulbs as needed to keep your emergency lighting units functioning properly.


Broken Exit Light?

Get it fixed immediately so that you aren’t ill equipped for an emergency.

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